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Weekend Likes #1

On our recent trip to the U.S, we crossed path with a bear. Literally.

It is one of those experiences that happens in slight slow-mo – and you really do freeze a little when a big, black, furry mammal appears a few steps in front of you. But the moment passes and your brain just goes, “A bear, a bear, a real-life bear!”.

To give credit to the bear, it is a lot more unfazed than we were. It is obviously more used to seeing people than we are to seeing bears.

A couple of minutes later, it has already looped across the highway, disappearing into the trees on the other side.


That tastes like hope feels.

- Used to describe an energy bar, from John Green’s Paper Towns

I wanted to finish the book before the movie comes out because I’m just that kind of person who cares about whether the scenes match up to the images in my head. I’ve actually watched the trailer and the cast looks remarkably similar to the one from my imagination. I like it when that happens.

The fact that this is the only quote that stood out to me in a book that is supposed to be “profoundly moving” means:

  1. I like creative ways of describing nice-tasting food.
  2. I’m a little over the hill when it comes to feeling strongly about coming-of-age stories.
  3. I should probably stop reading them.

Also, you should know that this is leaps and bounds better than 50 Shades. But that’s not saying very much, because most books are.


We have been doing very little over the long weekend, and I have been keeping off the internet, so l just have a handful of links before the work week starts.