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Too-Early Mornings, Diamond Rings + A Few Links

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There are a lot of things to love about Instagram, but my favourite would have to be the “Discover People” section under the search tab. There is something incredibly awesome (and also considerably creepy) about how the app knows exactly what to bring up for me out of the thousands and thousands of users.

I can dwell on the question of “how much the internet knows about me”, but no, I am not going to go there because that would just be going down the rabbit hole and I love the internet too much to do that.

So, the plan is to regularly point you to accounts that I am smitten with for their good looks (yes, I am shallow like that) and/or creativity. Feel free to share feeds you love with me!


For some reason, I have been waking up a good two hours before the alarm goes for the past week. As a life-long deep sleeper, I find this early waking (sometimes coupled with short night wakings) to be quite disconcerting. I mean, I can almost always sleep in when I want to (although falling asleep at night is another thing altogether).

I suspect that it has something to do with the baby being particularly active during the night and early morning. Uncomfortable as I am with having my sleep cycles messed up, I cannot really find it in myself to complain about this – feeling the baby move feels like a mini-miracle every single time.

So, what happens when you are pregnant and find yourself wide awake at 615am, with falling back into sleep not being an option? Answer: You quietly obsess about being a mother in your head. I should know, because I have had a lot of practice doing that for the last few days.

Other than panicking in a general way about how everything is going to change, how you know next to nothing about caring for a tiny human being, and if eating (or even saying) something is going to be safe for the kiddo inside you, this is also the time to wonder (or more accurately, worry) if you are ever going to become one of those mothers in novels who are superhumanly inspiring and stylish, whose endearing “wrong decisions” are always forgiven in a heartbeat and who inadvertently become beloved icons for their grown children to model after.

Other times, I am fixated on the teeny, insignificant things – for instance, whether I would become someone who would put her hair up with one of those hair claw clips that are probably modelled after an old-fashioned animal trap.

On the bright side, I can always blame all of this on the potent cocktail of bad sleep and hormones. [Plus, I feel that I am entitled to an illicit cup of tea afterwards because this is obviously an emergency.]


He probably would have gotten married if he’d ended up with anyone else, but he liked the idea of two people choosing each other every day, rather than feeling stuck with one another, as though they were a failure if they couldn’t make forever happen.

- The Engagements, J. Courtney Sullivan

A little way into this book and finding it a breeze to read. In addition to the fascinating story about how the “tradition” of the diamond engagement ring was invented by an advertising agency for De Beers (whatever you may think about this, “A Diamond Is Forever” is a really great piece of copywriting), there are also several other related stories about “love, marriage, commitment and betrayal”. Nothing too heavy, but still emotionally engaging, which is just what I want right now.


:::A Few Links:::

Weekend Likes #1

On our recent trip to the U.S, we crossed path with a bear. Literally.

It is one of those experiences that happens in slight slow-mo – and you really do freeze a little when a big, black, furry mammal appears a few steps in front of you. But the moment passes and your brain just goes, “A bear, a bear, a real-life bear!”.

To give credit to the bear, it is a lot more unfazed than we were. It is obviously more used to seeing people than we are to seeing bears.

A couple of minutes later, it has already looped across the highway, disappearing into the trees on the other side.


That tastes like hope feels.

- Used to describe an energy bar, from John Green’s Paper Towns

I wanted to finish the book before the movie comes out because I’m just that kind of person who cares about whether the scenes match up to the images in my head. I’ve actually watched the trailer and the cast looks remarkably similar to the one from my imagination. I like it when that happens.

The fact that this is the only quote that stood out to me in a book that is supposed to be “profoundly moving” means:

  1. I like creative ways of describing nice-tasting food.
  2. I’m a little over the hill when it comes to feeling strongly about coming-of-age stories.
  3. I should probably stop reading them.

Also, you should know that this is leaps and bounds better than 50 Shades. But that’s not saying very much, because most books are.


We have been doing very little over the long weekend, and I have been keeping off the internet, so l just have a handful of links before the work week starts.

Small Pleasures

What we do in space is serious, yes, but it’s also incredibly fun. It’s not just about the epic EVA but the M&Ms dancing merrily inside the package, colliding colorfully in weightlessness. Life is full of many small, unexpected pleasures, not just in space but right here on Earth, and I think I see them more clearly now than I used to because microgravity insists you pay attention. Weightlessness is like a new toy you get to unwrap every day, again and again—and it’s a great reminder, too, that you need to savor the small stuff, not just sweat it.

- Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life On Earth

This book makes me feel warm and fuzzy about being human.

If you enjoy day-dreaming about where space exploration can bring us, you will plough through this really quickly. I mean, a real-life astronaut (!!!) telling you about bobbing around in outer-space – it’s almost like being there yourself. Almost.

Also, the first post on a new blog! It feels new and old at the same time. Like something I have done countless times before, but not in a long time.

What I am saying is, this feels good. But let me muddle through the beginning, because beginnings are always the hardest.

So, welcome back. Or just, welcome!