September 2015 archive


(Image via Carolyn Raev)

White can look so great. It makes a space look cleaner and bigger, which is almost always a good thing. But there is something about white – white yellows.

And seeing white things yellow drives me crazy. It makes me feel like life is just one long battle against oxidation.

My white kitchen countertop is definitely yellowing – and the more I stare at it, the more yellow it becomes. And I am not even going to talk about the stains that can get on white surfaces, because that is a whole other rant.

While my brain goes into random overdrive about the un-whitening of my kitchen countertop, I realise that maybe white is just another secret test of life. You know, like how you react to its gradual decline in colour purity is simply a process to train your mind (like a Jedi) to not sweat the small things (although, is a non-white countertop that is supposed to be white, strictly speaking, a small thing?).

So, the solution: stop staring at the white.

That should fix everything.


(Image source: Light Shot)

August has been kind of a crazy month, so I am glad that September has rolled around. Isn’t this always the month where things quiet down a little, aside from the cheesy “Wake Me Up When September Ends” jokes?


As of yesterday, I have been married for a full year. A year of turning an apartment into a home, a year of building a life together, a year of being two instead of one.

I would not say that it has been a piece of cake (whatever they told you about marriage being work, its true), but I would do it all over again just to reach the here and now – a year forward and a year better.

To avoid getting all touchy feely about things, let’s just say that we’ve enjoyed ourselves and would like more from where that came from.


Speaking of being couple-y, Buzzfeed produces a series of videos about the day-to-day of being in a romantic relationship that is both funny and touching.

Like this one about the “weird things couples do in public“.

Definitely good for a laugh, so give it a click – and you may recognize yourself, and laugh some more.