Red Lipstick + 5 Things To Want This Week

(Image via Alice Berg)

I am out-growing almost all of my clothes, even the loose-fitting t-shirt dresses that I have been living in for the past few months. [I opted not to buy any maternity clothes because 1. they are usually ridiculously over-priced and 2. buying something that would only be worn for a few months is just not part of my decluttering plan.]

Yesterday, I woke up feeling so unrested (trying to find a comfortable sleeping position is a real challenge these days) that I just reached for the most comfortable things in my wardrobe – a white t-shirt and sweatpants. At first, it felt like a kind of defeat, because sweatpants seems to be the sartorial equivalent of “letting yourself go”. However, after a day of feeling like I need a nap all the time, slouching around in soft cotton feels like a choice that I can live with.

To make myself feel more “street-chic” than “working in my PJs”, I decided that red lipstick is the answer. And many a morning, it does make me feel a lot better about stepping out of the house when I do not really want to – that slick of red is an instant face brightener and mood booster.

Currently, I am rotating among three lipsticks: Nar’s Jungle Red, Burberry’s Rose Pink and Tom Ford’s True Coral. A lip brush is a worthy investment in this case because crooked lines are so much more obvious in a bold shade – the Sephora one, featuring a retractable brush head, goes for just $19 and it works fine.

I am also a huge fan of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks (while not being exactly cheap, these are definitely more affordable than Tom Ford lipsticks, especially when you pick them up at the airport’s DFS), which are deliciously creamy and incredibly easy to apply. They come in a range of wearable reds, pinks and nudes that you can put on without the use of a mirror, which is great for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

What is your go-to trick for hiding a tired face?


I know that I am supposed to buy more consciously this year (I already have too many unnecessary things as it is), but that does not mean that I no longer want things. I figure that looking is harmless – I just refrain from reaching for the credit card.

Here are five of the lovely things that tempted me this week.

Birdhouse Bookshelf by Thing Industries. I have a pile of books perched rather precariously on my nightstand, which is actually a foot stool. This seem like a much neater (and cuter) way to organise bedside readings.

Leather Tote by mlouye. A super simple, all-purpose tote bag with a pretty surprise inside. I was actually looking for a potential diaper bag (let’s just say the conventional selection is not great) when I came across this. And really, why not, even if it does not have lots of convenient compartments and may be a little too small…

Designsix Geo Shape Clean Hair Clip by Designsix on ASOS. This is such an easy way to do something fun with your hair when you simply lack the magical skills of those girls who post hair tutorials on YouTube.

Png Kueh Girl Wristlet Bag by Ang Ku Kueh Girl. Because I am obsessed with cute, food-themed purses. The fact that I am currently using a purse that is shaped like a pineapple says it all.

Genuine Leather Ballet Shoes by Linge Shoes. I have a confession to make. I bought these – but that is only because I have been meaning to buy them for a good two years, and never quite got around to it. At my age, I feel like I can finally start buying decent shoes at not-so-cheap prices. To top it off, when compared to some other brands, these Linge ones are actually relatively affordable at US$49. (Shipping is going to cost a bit, but pooling purchases with friends would help to bring it down significantly.)


And I am leaving you with this wonderfully romantic video that features the haunting voice of Russian Red.

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