Being Positive + Some Links

(Image via Genevieve Caron)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I listen to them any chance I’ve got – during my commute, when I’m doing the dishes (which is never truly done), on the way to the coffeeshop with W (on mornings when I’m working from home), during solo lunches, and even when I am trying to get to sleep at night. 

It feels uncool, to like them this much – I once read that a growing fondness for audio documentaries and stories is a sign of advancing age. But I am older. So, goodbye popular music (except for really catchy songs like Despacito because you can never have enough of those), and internet radio forever (and ever).


An episode that really stood out for me this week is this one by Strangers:

This is actually a follow-up an earlier episode (which you can find here). In a nutshell, it is about a man named Franky Carrillo, who was wrongfully convicted of murder when he was just 16, and sentenced to life in prison. He spent the next 20 years behind bars, all the while proclaiming his innocence, until he was finally given a retrial and then released.

What is striking about this story is not how tragic it is, but how Franky came out of the whole ordeal – seemingly without a trace of bitterness. There is so much to be sad and angry about, but this guy still manages to be the poster boy for positivity. That, I find absolutely astounding.

Which got me thinking about my own outlook on life, about resilience (how do you stockpile this stuff?) and how I really should be doing more with my life and freedom. My conclusion: stop complaining so much, and start doing more.

I am really happy to know that Franky is now happily married with two children, and may even be running for public office. It is such a fantastic ending to a terrible story of injustice. 

And don’t we all love a good ending?


And here are a few things that caught my eyes on the internet lately:

  • An app that turns your iPhone into an old-school disposable camera.
  • These baby sandals are adorable – but at US$40 a pair, nah.
  • 101 books to read this “summer” as recommended by TED speakers.
  • And speaking of books, I follow Penguin Kids and Random House Kids on Instagram for lovely children’s books.
  • Want: IKEA and Danish home brand HAY came together to make some beautiful things.
  • A really, really awesome tiny house that feels like a loft apartment.
  • Neil Gaiman reads a story, so of course we have to listen.
  • How book covers are made, according to an art director.
  • I am kind of in love with the adorable creations by Tiny Supply, a Singapore-based ceramic studio founded by two crafty sisters.
  • Say no to overworking (but that doesn’t mean underworking).


Cannot stop singing along to this song – sometimes, while doing a weird (but fun) dance with W in our living room. 

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