Five Minutes


So, I read about the five-minute journal, where you spend just five minutes scribbling (or typing) down whatever thoughts you may have about your day. Like the bullet journal, it has tons of novel appeal for me. However, like the bullet journal, I may only keep at it for a few days before it all goes the way of “tried it, but nah, too much trouble”.

But hey, at least I am trying to actually write.

[On another note, I feel less guilty about my inability to keep writing because I read that as a whole, blogs are going extinct. Who would have thought that would happen back in 2008?]


People always like to ask: Is your baby sleeping through the night yet? That is just an idiotic question, and I am surprised that even people with children would ask you that.

The way I understand it, nobody’s baby (or toddler) really sleep through the night like clockwork. They always wake (maybe every night, maybe once every few days, maybe once in a while), and they would always want you to be there when they do. It used to cause me so much anxiety when W does that, especially as the days pass and he goes beyond the age where he is “supposed” to sleep 12 hours straight.

The truth is, even while he does still wake in the night, I see a lot of progress – and perhaps, that is enough. Most nights, I simply put him on the queen-sized mattress in his room, and lie down with him. He falls back asleep in minutes.

According to the books, I’m not supposed to do that. He has to learn how to self-soothe. I am spoiling him, wrecking his independence, tiring myself out. It sounds odd, but I know that he is learning how to be his own person, and that may be precisely why he wakes at night – because becoming your own person is super duper scary, especially if you are just almost-2.

With the new job and being away from him nearly the entire day, I now secretly look forward to his night wakes (I know, how perverse). It gives me a little more time with him, even if its in sleep.

And he always look his sweetest and most endearing right after he wakes up in the morning. He has even learnt to give me a good morning kiss, without being prompted.

Which is just the best.


The best thing to happen today: Will woke up at 645 am in the morning (after I sneaked out of his bed and into my own), came to our room, crawled into our bed and fell asleep again. Having him in our bed, sweet-smelling and asleep, is a rare thing.

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