An Older Life


While my new job is not really in fashion, it has a lot to do with fashion. I have been trying to get up to date with whatever that has happened in the fashion world since I stopped looking at it. Considering that it gets remade every six month, that is practically an impossible task. But that does not mean that I cannot try.

I zoomed right back to what I used to love about fashion. The people, the brands, and the blogs that I used to follow faithfully. It is not really surprising, but kind of sad, that more than half of the blogs I used to read are now defunct. And it is heartbreaking that my favourite person in street style, Bill Cunningham, passed away last year (I did read about this, but did not have the time / was in the right frame of mind to properly mourn him because I was trying to get the whole caring-for-a-newborn thing right).

Phoebe Philo is leaving Celine, and Christopher Bailey saying goodbye to Burberry – evidence that nothing great ever lasts forever.

So much has changed, and everything is different. I feel a lot of nostalgia for those days when fashion was this bright and beautiful thing that I love so much, but I also know that dropping off into an unfamiliar territory is exactly what I need to shake myself out of the comfort zone that I has been in for the past few years.

So, hello new era. I am happy to meet you.


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